Chanson Nano Electric Water Filtration System

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 Chanson Nano electrical-filtration system Comes with 1 free 3.2 Gallon Tank (tank picture, not exactly as  shown) ($60.00)

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There is not a home-based water filter anywhere to compare to the performance capabilities of the Chanson NF-670P, also known as the Nano filtration System. The Nano  Filtration System addresses the ultimate in contaminants reduction. Fresh, micro-filtered water straight from your tap. Experience the cutting-edge in water filtration and softening Green technology with less water wastage compare to Reverse Osmosis. Also, add a Remineralizer Filter to increase the water pH and mineral TDS in mid to low mineral water

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The Nano Electric filtration system uses high pressure created by a Pump to separate contaminants from the water supply. Water is forced through a membrane that has tiny holes which are no larger than, 0.001 um. This causes VOC’s, SOC’s, bacteria, viral contaminants and a host of other unwanted water pollutants to be reduced or removed. The Nano-filteration system has water softening capabilities. Some of the Canadian water supplies have far too much calcium and magnesium making the water hard and imbalanced. Water softening generally involves the removal of hardness ions like calcium and magnesium.

*Note there are a few cities in Canada like GVRD and Grater Victoria Region BC have very soft or low TDS water. Please check with your local municipal. Recommend to add a Remineral filter to increase the pH and add some mineral into the drinking water

Nano-filtration has been used for years by different states and countries for municipal water softening. See our FAQ’s on how the Nano compares. 


– Low cost of operation

– Green Technology Low water wastage – discharge 1 part  drinking water to 1 part waste and waste water compare to typical reverse osmosis systems 4 parts waste 1 part drinking

– 95% reduction of heavy metals – 70% reduction of water hardness/TDS

– 70% removal of fluoride (Add a fluoride removal cartridge for removal up to 90%)

-50% removal of chloramines (Add a catalytic Granulated Carbon for removal up to 90%)

– Removal of bacteria, VOC’s, viral contaminants, and pesticides

– Reduction of nitrates and sulfides

– Reduction of salt content (brackish water)

– Chemical-free filtration

– Ideal for municipal water supply, well water, river and rain water

– Reduces iron, lime and other problem causing chemicals often neglected by water softeners

– Can be used in times of disaster and the filtered water never needs to be boiled

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