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Chanson Ozone Sterilizer OH-230S is a ozone sterilizer for home use. It can be use to make sterilizer water to clean or soak fruits, vegetables, toilet bowls, counter top, refrigerator and countless things. This machine is also approve by the Italian Ministry of Health(E.U standard)  sanitizer. Follow this link  .

Here is what “Lenntech water treatment” said about Ozone Gas as an Oxidants.

Ozone cannot only be applied as a disinfectant; it can also aid the removal of contaminants from water by means of oxidation. Ozone then purifies water by breaking up organic contaminants and converting inorganic contaminants to an insoluble form that can then be filtered out. The Ozone system can remove up to twenty-five contaminants.
Chemicals that can be oxidized with ozone are:
· Absorbable organic halogens;
· Nitrite;
· Iron;
· Manganese;
· Cyanide;
· Pesticides;
· Nitrogen oxides;
· Odorous substances;
· Chlorinated hydrocarbons;
· PCB’s. “

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The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer reduces and eliminates odors and bacteria from your home and is covered with a 2 year warranty. It dispenses activated oxygen from a stone into the air or into water or other liquids and has hundreds of other uses.

Weighs Approx. 4 lbs
Dimensions: 8″ X 6″ X 3″
Power consumption: 4 watts
Output: 200mg/per hour in regular mode, 35mg/per hour in recycle mode

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