Matrikx CTO PLUS (10")-0

Matrikx CTO PLUS (10″)


The Matrikx +1 (10″) are replacement filters for H2, H3 with O.6 micron protection for the removal of VOC.

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MatrikxR CTOR PLUSTM (10″) replacement filters for H2, H3 drink or most genaric water filtration systems found at most general stores. This is a higher quality filter. It is made in the USA by KX TECHNOLOGIES

  • 0.6 MICRON *
  • HIGH V.O.C reductions *
  • High Chemicals Adsorption*
  • Trubidity Reduction*

* Base on Manufacturer’s internal Testing.

Matrikx CTO Plus uses KX® ’s proprietary extrusion process, the MATRIKX® CTO® PLUSTM is ideal for use in residential and commercial water purication systems, industrial euent water treatment, food service, industrial makeup, product rinse, process water, and pre- and post-RO systems which require nearly absolute chlorine taste and odor reduction.

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