Water Ionizer

What is Ionized Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is a natural antioxidant that can help the human body in a number of ways. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and this means that we need a lot of it, and we need it to be good. Ionized alkaline water contains a negative electric charge which works to produce hydroxyl ions.

How can Ionized Alkaline Water help?

Hydroxyl ions can help the body with the following:

  • Oxygen production
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Hydrating cells
  • Destroying harmful “free radicals”
  • Correcting your body’s acid/alkaline balance
  • Reducing symptoms of aging

pH Balance- Ionized water can help to balance your body’s pH, which is great for ensuring your diet is not too acidic. Diets high in acidity are quite common, making alkaline water a great natural remedy for this. If your body’s acidity level is too high, the likelihood of disease is higher. You will also feel some of the common symptoms of high pH which include weakness, restlessness, excessive fatigue, and difficulty focusing.

Energy Boost- Ionized alkaline water is broken down into six molecules per cluster, which is significantly smaller than in regular water, which contains about 15 molecules per cluster. This smaller particle size makes it easier for the water to travel through smaller paths in your tissue. Because of this, this “micro water” is more hydrating than regular water and can boost your metabolism and your energy levels.

Better Hydration- the smaller particle size of ionized alkaline water makes hydration easier. Traveling around your body is what helps water to keep you hydrated, and a smaller particle size is what makes that possible with alkaline water. Being properly hydrated is extremely important and will make you feel better in countless ways every day.

Destroying Free Radicals- “free radicals” is the name given to the harmful agents in your body that can damage cells and lead to disease and premature aging. Alkaline water helps to rid your body of these harmful agents.

Where’s the Proof?

A few experiments can be done to prove the benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water, and they include the following:

Oil Experiment- this experiment proves that alkaline water can help lower cholesterol. The experiment is done by adding peanut or sesame oil to both a glass of tap water and alkaline water. In tap water, the oil floats to the surface, and with alkaline water it is emulsified in the water. The alkaline water will have the same effect on cholesterol, reducing it.

Tea Experiment- this experiment is used to show how well alkaline water can penetrate your tissue and provide better hydration. Cold ionized water easily penetrates tea leaves and brings out their flavour, as opposed to cold tap water, which struggles to do the same. This is exactly what alkaline water will do to your tissue.

Alcohol Experiment- this experiment proves the ability of alkaline water to lower your body’s acidity levels. When alkaline water is poured into a glass of an alcoholic spirit, it works to detoxify it and reduce its acidity, much like it would in your body.