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PJ 6000 Chanson Water Ionizer Replacement Filter


Chanson PJ 6000 Water Ionizer Replacement Filter for all Chanson Ionizers Prior to 2018 Please refer to main Description section.

See the photos to compare if you are not sure if you have the PJ 6000 or the PJ 7000


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Product Description

The PJ-6000 Filter is not a carbon block but a wet-molded, filtration product made from activated carbon and synthetic fiber.

– Removes lead and heavy metal ions from old plumbing.
– Absorbs 20 times more than activated carbon
– Absorbs at 10 times the speed of activated carbon
– Greatly reduces chlorine
– Allows for a low pressure drop
– Is an Anti-bacterial filter with silver-impregnated activated carbon
– Has an activated carbon coconut shell

Attention: MAX and ROYALE Ionizers purchase after 2018 may have a new style water ionizer filter PJ 7000. Please remove the old filter and compare to the photos to be certain which filter is required. To purchase PJ 7000 please click here

Attention all the ionizers need to be clean with Citric acid every 2-4 months

The video below is for the old-style filter PJ 6000

Citric acid clean PJ 6000 Video 


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