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Citric Acid Powder 500g


When it comes to caring for your ionizer only the best will do. That’s why Chanson uses only the anhydrous form of Citric Acid for cleaning our ionizers. This is the safest most effective form of citric acid there is. Chanson’s Citric Acid is the highest quality and is food grade so there are no unsafe residues

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Please click here for the Chanson Citric Acid cleaning procedure.


This citric acid powder is used for ionizer with PJ6000 with the instructions above or as a REFILL for PJ7/8000

Citric Acid has many other uses beyond acting as a cleaning solution for your ionizer:

Use Citric Acid to clean your dishwasher. We highly recommend adding 2 tablespoons to your dishwasher for each load you do, it will provide absolutely spot free dishes in even the worse hard water areas. It’s cheaper, too. When comparing the price of our Citric Acid to products such as Jet Dry, Lemi shine or other clean rinse dishwasher additives, Chanson Citric Acid is less than half the price and a lot safer. Not only will your dishes be 100% spot free, it will actually clean out calcium deposits in your dishwasher and keep it clean permanently.

You can also mix citric acid in warm water and put in a spray bottle and use it as a soap scum remover, it is very effective and can replace dangerous products like Tilex. Chanson Citric Acid can also replace products like CLR for cleaning out any appliance like coffee makers that develop scale over time. Because Chanson purchases our Citric Acid in very large volumes, we are able to offer it to our customers for less than any internet source we have seen to date and in some cases 80% below other sellers.

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