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Chanson Shower Filter Replacement Media


These ceramic balls are the media replacement filter for your Chanson Water Shower Filter.

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Chanson Water Shower Filter Media Replacement Filter Media for your Chanson Shower Filter. No housing is included. Install ceramic ball media into your original shower filter housing. Simply unscrew the side body cap, dump out the existing ceramic filter balls and replace with the new media. Then, rescrew the body cap back on.

The shower filter body should last for several years with proper care cleaning away the hardness built up every time the water slows down. While cleaning the shower head too at the same time.

We have determined that the filter will last approximately 8-12 months for a family of four, using 15,000-20,000 Liters of water during that period. The filter is designed so it does not have to be back flushed and shower filter media replacement is an easy and inexpensive way to remove chlorine from your morning shower.


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