PJ 7000 Chanson Ionizer Filter


PJ 7000 Chanson Water Ionizer Filter (Twist Lock) For your Chanson Miracle MAX or Chanson Miracle ROYALE.  See the pictures below to confirm if you need the PJ 7000 or PJ 6000

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PJ 7000
PJ 7000/8000
PJ 6000 Cap and Cainster
 PJ 6000

PJ 7000 or PJ 8000 Chanson Water Ionizer Filter (Twist Lock)

Upgrade from unwoven fiber activated carbon to Catalytic activated carbon, it has all the advantages of PJ-6000 PLUS Chloramine reduction.
Using quick lock technology on our PJ-7000, for easy filter change.
High-Efficiency Catalytic activated carbon High-density surface area activated carbon reduces odor, Chlorine, Chloramines, THMs, molds, bleach, organic, parasite, color, VOCs, Benzene.

Filter Change Video 

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions27 × 17 × 13 cm

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